PPTP to HE IPv6 Network Perl Script

I forgot about this. This was a perl script that I used to use to connect to Hurricane Electric IPv6 Network via PPTP. Last I checked, their pptp servers were offline. Bummer for those who can't do IPv6 in IP tunneling. Requires the pptp-setup package.

$pptpServer = "HE_PPTPSERVER";
$pptpUsername = "USERNAME";
$pptpPassword = "PASSWORD";

$tunRemote = "TUN_DESTIPADDR";
$tunClient = "TUN_CLIENTIPADDR";

$client6 = "TUN_IPV6ADDR";

if(!$ARGV[0]) {
print "$0 [start | stop]\n";
} elsif($ARGV[0] eq "start") {
`pptpsetup --create ipv6 --server $pptpServer --username $pptpUsername --password $pptpPassword --start`;
`ip tunnel add sixbone mode sit remote $tunRemote local $tunClient ttl 255 dev ppp0`;
`ip link set sixbone up`;
`ip addr add $client6 dev sixbone`;
`ip route add ::/0 dev sixbone`;
`ip route add 2000::/3 dev sixbone`;
} elsif($ARGV[0] eq "stop") {
`ip route del ::/0 dev sixbone`;
`ip route del 2000::/3 dev sixbone`;
`ip addr del $client6 dev sixbone`;
`ip link set sixbone down`;
`ip tunnel del sixbone`;
`pptpsetup --delete ipv6`;
@ps = `ps ax | grep pptp`;
foreach $proc (@ps) {
@pid = split(/ +/,$proc);
`kill -9 $pid[1]`;
} else {
print "$0 [start | stop]\n";